Free Mac To-do List Managers

Free Mac To-do List Managers: “

There are numbers of To-do List Managers available for your Mac: from to-do list managers that adopt minimalism to those that provide feature-rich services, from those with expensive pricing tags to those set as donation wares.

Though many prefer commercial apps that are assumed to be complete in feature, I personally feel like to explore free apps that sometimes can be used to substitute those commercial ones.

Some free to-do list managers listed below will help you in saving your pocket money as well as getting things done…


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With EtreTask, we can save as many tasks as we want and along with that, we can also add Description and link to Resources. Even though we have short memory loss, we still can figure out things to be done by reading the details.


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Anxiety is a to-do list application that has sleek interface and always floats over anything else (which I feel a bit distracting). With Anxiety, you can directly map your tasks with iCal, adding additional time detail for you.


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If simple to-do list is your preference, you will want to have a free copy of TaskMate. TaskMate helps you keep track of your tasks and activities whether it’s on waiting queue or already done.


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CheckOff, which runs on background, helps you seamlessly keep track of your tasks. Hanging on your menu bar, CheckOff with least distraction provides you with simple checklist interface to capture tasks and categorize them.

iGTD 2 (Alpha)

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If you’re the type of person that like to arrange things in an organized manners, iGTD 2 will be the most suitable choice for you. iGTD 2, as shown on the screenshot, helps you capture as much information as you need, especially the most important time information to determine deadline of your tasks.

Do It

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As simple to-do list application, Do It manages your categorized to-do lists, where each item can be linked to a file on your Mac. Apart from its minimalistic interface, Do It is also integrated with other Mac applications, such as Address Book, Quicksilver and iCal.


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There is a high chance that you’ve known some amazing to-do lists that you love, you can share it with others, perhaps. If I’ve missed any or you’ve any suggestions, please inform me with the comment box provided below.

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