This Is How Shopping Recommendation Tool Should Feel Like

This Is How Shopping Recommendation Tool Should Feel Like: “

The sfeed application impressed me so much, I don’t know where to start.
Overall, you can say it’s a Twitter clone for shopping. I’d say, yeah it is! But that’s what makes it so fantastic. sfeed took familiar elements from Twitter, added some unique features of their own, and created a great shopping micorblog platform for everyone – Where people can review items, create sets and explore other people recommendations.

Before this thought about: ‘yet another Twitter post’ crossing your mind, let me just say that I adores companies which understand and believes that this form of communication (twitter-like) is here to stay, so it would be better if you adapt this approach instead. Anyway, sfeed is not a Twitter tool, but if you use Twitter, you’ll find it easier to adjust to.

So what is sfeed?
sfeed can change the way you discover new products from the web and share your findings with your friends. sfeed is much more than an item bookmarking service. Every product or set you share creates connections between users and items, these relations are calculated through to recommend you with items and people that might have similar interests.

After you sign in (Google or Facebook ID if you wish), you can start add items to your sfeed page while you browses to sites like Amazon, Yoox, Zgallerie, Thinkgeek and many more. The easiest way to collect items to your profile is to install the ‘Add to Sfeed’ bookmarklet.
And seriously, that is one great bookmarklet! So simple to use, you can mark any link or word, and it automatically will be attached to the bookmark note:

You can also create visual sets of items with the set editor that you can share on your profile. Just search for an item by text or color, then drag & drop it to the stage. Use the editor tool bar to customize the set the way you want:

Bottom-line, you can explore sfeed for hours and really find interesting conversation and items based on relevant interests. And the beauty is that everything is so easy to function, so easy to understand. Simplicity at its best – literally.

(Via GO2WEB20 Blog.)


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