Lay Someone Off – Wired How-To Wiki

Lay Someone Off – Wired How-To Wiki: “Lay Someone Off
It’s a dirty job, but no one said being a Valley prince is easy. Robert Sutton, Stanford professor of management science and author of The No Asshole Rule, suggests you hit these four key notes:

Illustration: Jason Lee
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1 Predictability
2 Understanding
3 Empowerment
4 Compassion

Warn your staff exactly when cuts will happen. Secrecy breeds stress.

Humans (and especially geeks) always want to know why. Give your victims reasonable justification for their termination.

Let them have some control over their exit. A package with options—say, a choice between extended health coverage or cash up front—reduces anxiety.

A little humanity goes a long way. You might not even have to call security.
But, before you even lay anyone off be sure you didn’t give yourself a bonus or buy a private plane. Nothing worse than being laid off ‘to save money’ but then your boss getting a massive bonus that year.”

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