Fix locked Safari 4 Beta / SafariStand windows

Fix locked Safari 4 Beta / SafariStand windows: “Very often I deal with Safari 4 Beta’s windows crashing. Usually it is caused by typing outside a text box, after recently using one. When the problem occurs, the window locks up, and appears to select all of the content (a-la Command-A), and it’s sometimes accompanied by a CPU spike as well. This is very irritating indeed. (Note that I have SafariStand installed, which might be the source of the problem, but I’m not sure.)

Solution: Control-click on Safari 4 Beta’s Dock icon, and select New Window from the contextual menu. A new window should open, and all of the actions you took (post-freeze) will execute rapidly in this window. You may then close that window and return to the original, which will be working again.

Once frozen, I do not think Command-N will work, so you really have to use the Dock. Also, once one tab has frozen, clicking into any other currently-open tab will cause it to freeze as well. It would be …

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(Via Clippings.)


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