How To Start Your Morning Online

How To Start Your Morning Online: “

How do you start when you first check your computer in the morning? Please tell me: as I am thinking about what we should add next in Seesmic Desktop (ex-Twhirl) it will help me prioritize what we should add.

Here is my sequence in general, with lots of new steps now that we are focusing so much on helping everybody build their community

The most important
-my email, see if anything important with the company happened during my sleep
-check and the stats of everything we do (number of downloads, seesmic for facebook stats etc)
-check the company chat backchannel (powered by Skype)

What everybody is saying
-check what everybody is saying on Twitter about Seesmic, Twhirl and… yes I check my name too
-check what everybody is saying on Google blog Search

Say hi to my community
-say hi on Twitter, which also posts to Facebook and other social software
-often a quick short video

Read (and answer what I can) my social software replies (that includes seesmic and twhirl):
-my Twitter @replies
-my direct messages
-my Skype chats
-my seesmic video replies
-my blog comments
-my Facebook page and Seesmic’s page comments
-my YouTube comments
-my Friendfeed comments
-my Flickr comments ”

Read the news
-Read the friends I follow on Twitter
-Key blogs and friends (I won’t name them here, save it for a later post)
-See the front page of the NY Times and sometimes some french press
-If I have time also read my Google reader (I have to admit that’s less and less)
-I start to pay attention to two Ning communities these days, Triiibes and Geeks so I check what’s happening there

The whole process takes 30 mins to one hour, every morning. How about you? What is your sequence? Did I miss anything important?

coming next: the sequence to share online as after reading… I generally share too!

(Via Loic Le Meur Blog.)


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