Six more Mac freeware lists [1]

Six more Mac freeware lists [1]: “

It’s been awhile since I linked to a Mac freeware list, but thanks to StumbleUpon I’ve come up with a half-dozen that should be fun to explore:

» Emma Alvarez, who describes herself as an illustrator, has compiled a list of 55 free and open source Mac apps aimed at designers. I had no idea there were so many.

» MacRumors deals in more than just rumours — they also have a series of Guides, one of which is compilation of free Mac games. It’s quite a long list, but I have the impression it is not being actively maintained.

» Reality Distortion has another 10 free Mac games — in his opinion the best.

» MacMembrane introduces some of the lesser-known freeware apps, which is always cool because you’re bound to find something new.

» MacRecon claims to have the ultimate list of Mac freeware — and there certainly is a lot of it. Included are some screensavers, which is a nice touch.

» Locally Type, finally, lists 10 he couldn’t live without. You’re not likely to make any discoveries here, but it can be fun to see if you agree with his choices.

(Via Clippings.)


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