Twistori on Your Mac

Twistori on Your Mac: “

twistori-mainThe explosion of Twitter has seen so many of these little twitter based services. One of them, which I’ve just come to know of, is Twistori. Twistori is a browser based twitter search aggregator, built around some beautiful typography, visuals, and was something you could call ‘neat’. However, the search terms were limited to a select few, so it gets boring after a few minutes.

Twistori for Mac

The creators of Twistori collaborated with IndyHall Labs (yes, the Multiplex guys), and have made a Twistori client for the desktop. It’s still in beta, but it does look killer!


Twistori desktop works on the basis of clusters. You can create clusters for various twitter searches, specify criteria like ‘no @replies’ or hastags, and then just watch as the tweets fly by. If you don’t want to create a cluster, you can use the search bar at the bottom to create an instant search (imagine viewing #wwdc updates in real time!). These are stored in the ‘recent searches’ list. Finally, you can then watch the tweets in a gorgeous fullscreen view.

Now, I have several issues with this app that I hope are going to be just limited to the beta version. No aggregate search container, no tweet source, no tweet timing, no theming (gorgeous ones in the preferences!), no way to add your own tweets. I could go on with this. Been assured by David that it’s definitely not feature complete, so do sound off your feature requests in the comments.

Right now the beta desktop version costs a whole $12, waiting to be pumped to $16 when it gets out of beta. 14 days of trial await you. If you’re not comfortable paying for this, you can use the free screensaver, which is unfortunately limited to just the Twistori default searches.

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(Via Smoking Apples.)


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