How Many Twitter Accounts Should You Have? | David Risley dot com

How Many Twitter Accounts Should You Have? | David Risley dot com

You scream Twitter. I scream Twitter. We all scream for Twitter. Cool. So, here’s a question for us: How many Twitter accounts should we have?

I asked this question on Twitter earlier this week and got many responses. Several of the people who replied said they had more than one Twitter account. A few said only one. One person asked, “How many do we need?”

I personally have five Twitter accounts. Of course, my primary one is for myself, @davidrisley. But, I have some for other purposes. I have @tampatweets and that’s for a local project I may or may not do at some point. I’ve got @pcmech for my tech blog, although I really don’t use it much. I’ve got my daughter on Twitter (@elyanarisley). And I’ve got @blogmasters for an upcoming program you’re sure to hear about soon.

With that, you can probably tell where I’m going with this question. The answer is: Have as many Twitter accounts as you need!

Realize that Twitter is growing quickly. Twitter usernames are quickly becoming as valuable as domain names. Just as there was a gold rush for dot-com’s and now we hear “many of the good ones are taken”, the same goes for Twitter. Everybody should have their own name on Twitter, but you may want to reserve others for branding purposes down the road.

Here are a few of my recommendations:

  1. If you don’t have your own name registered on Twitter, go get it. There is a chance that somebody else with your same name has it already, but if not, you’ve GOT to reserve it.
  2. If you are building a brand for your blog, register the name of your blog on Twitter as well. In fact, anything you wish to brand and hopefully build up into something that people recognize should have a Twitter account.
  3. Use multiple Twitter accounts to keep brand consistency. For example, right now I’ve got posts from PCMech sent to my main Twitter account even though it is a different market. My primary push these days is problogging and that is the brand concept behind my name. Having tech posts in the same Twitter stream is admittedly a bit off message and that is exactly why I have @pcmech registered on Twitter. At some point, I’m probably going to reroute PCMech post notifications onto the @pcmech channel and get it off my own channel @davidrisley.

What about you? How many Twitter accounts do you have? And why?

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