Tutorial: Create A Stunning Portrait

In this tutorial, we’ll go over how to turn an average (read: boring) plain portrait, into a distinct one with heavy contrast and focus on details. To achieve this, we’ll be working with the Lucis Art plugin, Levels, and custom shadows.

At first, we’ll start out with this fairly normal looking (boring) portrait of a random guy .

To get started, we’ll go into Levels, and use the following settings:

Duplicate then layer, and then go into Lucis Art and use the following settings:

After you have done that, go into Hue/Saturation and make it black and white, then set the layer to Soft Light at 75% opacity:

Make a new layer, and set it to 50%. Grab a soft brush, and start painting in shadows. The trick here is to try to enhance the areas that are already black, to give it a more contrasted feel in specific areas. This is how my black shadows looked on a white background:

And viola, your finished and you’ve gotten yourself a nice contrasted portrait with some awesome details!


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