hypebot: Band Metrics Expands Private Beta

Band Metrics Aug Screenshot

Music data analytics leader Band Metrics took a major step forward this morning when it let several thousand artists, labels and music marketers on to test its expanding system in private beta.

I had an exclusive look under the hood just a few days ago and can report that because of the sophistication of the analytics and because they are focused exclusively on music from the artist’s perspective (a handful of competitors are  attempting to focus on songs or on a much broader media landscape), Band Metric’s work has the potential to revolutionize the way that music is marketed.

Just a few of the new features:

  • track plays, fans, profile views and comments across MySpace, Last.fm, iLike, SoundCloud and YouTube
  • track airplay from over 3,500 terrestrial radio stations 
  • view real-time reviews about your music on aggregator Musebin  
  • view real-time comments on Twitter
  • 8 different types of scores relative to your music including hotnes, fandom, and brand strength, among others


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