hypebot: Free To iTunes Distributor WaTunes Adds Video To VIP Service

Free To iTunes Distributor WaTunes Adds Video To VIP Service

Watunes WaTunes, the recently launched music distribution service, got some skeptical reactions (including from me) when it said it wouldn’t charge bands to sell on iTunes. How could such a model be sustainable? 

The plan for the service’s future profitability apparently includes upselling those uploading to iTunes some paid VIP services including placement on Amazon, Rhapsody, Zune, Wal-Mart, Amie Street, FYE and HMV along with iTunes trending reports and promotional services for $29.95 a year. Now VIP customers can also deliver unlimited music videos to  iTunes, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, and the new video streaming service VidZone. I’m still skeptical, but it’s a tempting combination

“It’s quite amazing with the power of the internet how the workflow of digital content is delivered. By distributing our catalog of music videos to services including VidZone, this provides our VIP customers avenues of online distribution while they control their content with great flexibility. We are very excited to provide more choices for our VIP customers.” said Kevin Rivers, Founder and CEO of WaTunes.

WaTunes also offers a social music experience that enables fans to connect and stream unlimited music, rate and comment on their favorite albums, meet friends, and buy music directly from iTunes.


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