How to Watch Security Camera Streams on the Internet: 5 steps – wikiHow

  • Open up your web browser.
  • Go to a search engine of your choice, and input any of the search queries listed below.
  • After you Google one of these queries, you will see some search results, click on any one of them. Then you will either see a whole bunch of images of a security camera, or the screen of a single camera.
  • Depending on the type of camera that you have access to, you may be able to zoom, pan, and tilt the camera to see what you want to. If you cannot pan the camera, check the top of the control panel. If it displays “Locked” the motion controls for the camera have been disabled by the device’s administrator.
  • Do not repeatedly maintain long or continuous connections to the feed (30 minutes is a good limit). Access logs for the devices can be created, and may be monitored by administrators. Many administrators will disregard brief attempts to access low importance devices when no harmful use is found. However, long periods of monitoring will likely attract suspicion and may cause the accessing IP address to be reported to authorities.
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