Add-Art :: Add-ons for Firefox

Add-Art provides the millions of AdBlockPlus users with an alternative to blank space. Art shows are hand selected by curators of contemporary artists to bring the museum onto your screen and into your everyday activities. We’ll bring new art shows to your browser every 2 weeks. Add-Art is partially supported by the New Museum/Rhizome in New York City and provides small stipends for artists and curators for their participation.

Note: Please don’t judge the the tool on how much you like the art – you know, don’t shoot the messenger – we’re developing a platform.

This code was developed in the Eyebeam OpenLab and is free and in the public domain.
If you have questions, please check out the forum at or the install video at

Image Gallery


Support for this add-on is provided by the developer at or by sending an e-mail to

Developer Comments

This project is being developed by Steve Lambert and the OpenLab at Eyebeam Art and Technology Center –


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