The Mac Toolbox – jessehogie :: Machead

I consider myself a Mac Expert. I know how to get around my machine, I know how to take care of it, I know how to make it purr. Throughout my years of using my Mac, I have had ALOT of people ask “What do you do to keep your Mac running good?” Well folks, this is it, my little toolbox. The programs I use to clean, backup, optimize my computer. I will update this if I find something new, or if new versions come out.

Leopard Cache Cleaner 4.0.15 – This is my new “do everything” tool. This also includes ClamXav Antivirus.

Maintenance 3.8 – Yes I know, this is my Automator Action. But I actually use it!

Applejack 1.5– This amazing little app is a great tool to troubleshoot your Mac from Single User Mode. You can repair a disk, repair permissions and do a lot more. So if your Mac has a cold and wont boot right, run this and it might get better. (Applejack is finally compatible with 10.5 Leopard!)

Time Machine – Since upgrading to 10.5, I have been using Time Machine. I haven’t had a reason to restore anything from backup yet, but I am sure TM will do the job. Non-10.5 users should use iBackup. Before I upgraded to 10.5 iBackup was my program of choice and it worked very well.


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