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Magic Mouse  gestures (version 3.06):

  1. two finger swipe up/down/left/right
    Special notes: you can set the sensitivity of the two finger swipe up and down in the preferences. After setting you have to restart BTT in order to take effect.
  2. three finger swipe up/down/left/right
  3. single finger tap (can be used for tap2click)
  4. single finger tap left
  5. single finger tap right (left and right half of the mouse)
  6. two finger tap
  7. two finger click
  8. three finger tap
  9. three finger CLICK
    Special notes:
    if you set no shortcut to three finger click it will act as a middle mouse button click.

Macbook gestures:

  1. swipe (left/right/up/down) On a MacBook a swipe is done with three fingers (three finger swipe).
  2. rotate (left/right)
  3. zoom (in/out)
  4. three finger tap (Available on Macbook )
  5. three finger click (you have to select it in the magic mouse section, there is no seperate one for the touchpad yet.
  6. four finger swipe (up/down/left/right)
    Special notes: if you want to use custom four finger gestures you have to deactivate the apple standard four finger gestures in your System Preferences


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