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iPhone App Rejections? Why?

I started this site to be a useful resource to other developers. That’s why there are no ads (for as long as I can afford it) – this isn’t for money, it’s for mutual benefit. Share and share alike…

For more information on the site, see the first post…

What’s App Rejections all about?

Who are you?

(since a lot of news sites have suddenly linked here, and been disappointed at the total lack of info, I thought I’d make this a bit easier :) )

Personally? I’m the owner of a small iPhone consultancy: we make apps for large companies and brands … twice as quickly and at half the cost of most agencies. If you need help with your iPhone strategy – especially if you’re a non-tech company – feel free to get in touch.

Before that, my last “normal” job was for a large multinational games publisher, where I started a new dev studio, performed due-diligence on external funding, and lead internal development.

Full background is available on my profile. Messages are welcome through LI, and requests, but please don’t try to add me as a contact unless you’ve actually met me or I know who you are. I also speak at 2-3 computer-games conferences a year, mostly in the USA.

You can get hold of me at adam.m.s.martin at

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