Irradiated Software – TwoUp


Download TwoUp
License: Freeware

Requires Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) or later


More Screenshots Screencast




Feature Comparison Between TwoUp and SizeUp

Feature TwoUp SizeUp
Split Screen
Quarter Screen
Full Screen and Center
Support for Multiple Monitors
Support for Spaces

Using TwoUp
TwoUp consists of four actions which can be performed on the frontmost application window:

Left Move and resize a window to fill the left half of the screen
Right Move and resize a window to fill the right half of the screen
Up Move and resize a window to fill the top half of the screen
Down Move and resize a window to fill the bottom half of the screen
These actions can be triggered via the TwoUp Menu in the Mac menu bar or via system-wide shortcuts. The default shortcuts can be triggered by holding the Control+Option+Command keys while pressing an Arrow key to indicate the direction you wish the window to go. The shortcut keys can be customized in the TwoUp Preferences.

Known Limitation

TwoUp only works on primary monitor (see SizeUp for multi-monitor support)

TwoUp works with most applications as long as standard window types are being used. Non-standard windows may exhibit unexpected behavior or not respond at all. List of known “trouble” applications.



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