Download FlexCal » FlexCal 1.13

What is it?

FlexCal is a simple way to get your tasks or events into your calendar quickly. Simply hit a hotkey (that you define) and a quick entry window pops up — from within any application. The first window is a task entry window. Hit the hotkey again and an event entry window appears. Type in your task or event, hit return and instantly the item is added to your iCal calendar. It’s that simple.

Sample Task Window

Sample Event window

What’s the cost?

Free, but donations are greatly appreciated.


Requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

Feedback? Questions? Suggestions?

email us here. You can post a comment below as well.

Good Karma

If you like using FlexCal and want to see future releases, please consider donating. Your donations do make a difference to independent developers like us.


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Version History

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Want it in your language? We need help with localization

These are complete:

☑ English

☑ Deutsch

☑ Français

☑ Italiano

☑ Español

Click here if you can assist with translations

Need to uninstall?

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