Mac OS X: Using email aliases in Mail

Do you have multiple email addresses that are “aliases” to a central email account? If you do, you can configure Mail in Mac OS X so that it can easily get and send email from all of your addresses. Here’s how.

Note: An alias email address is an account in which all email sent to it automatically goes to a master email address. This is not the same thing as having different email addresses that aren’t automatically tied to a central address.

Important: Do not use these steps for .Mac email aliases. Mail will automatically retrieve email from any aliased .Mac email account. When composing a new message to send, .Mac aliases are available from the Account pop-up menu in the compose window.

  1. In Mail, choose Preferences from the Mail menu.
  2. Click Accounts.
  3. Select your master account (the one to which email from your alias addresses gets sent).
  4. Click Account Information and in the Email Address field, add all of the account’s associated alias addresses, each separated by a comma.

  5. Save your changes.

Now when you get email, Mail will collect messages sent to your alias accounts (along with email sent to your master account), and put it all in a single Inbox. You can also send email from any alias account by choosing the desired address from the Account pop-up menu in a new message window.


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