One million Buddhist beers on the wall, one million Buddhist beers…. | Greenopolis

by Joe Laur
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Came across a very cool story on Ecoscraps today. Turns out that in the 1960’s (remember the 1960’s? If you can, you weren’t really there), the head of Heineken Brewery, Alfred Heineken was vacationing in the Caribbean. He saw beaches littered with beer bottles (including some of his) and a lack of affordable housing. His solution? Make beer bottles in the shape of interlocking bricks.

Now people that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw bricks, but apparently people that drink beer can live in glass houses. After a bunch of experiments they came up with a useable brick/bottle design. Only a few houses were built, some of them still standing on the Heineken estate.

And then there’s this very cool Buddhist temple in Thailand built entirely from one million recycled beer bottles. Buddhist monks built the Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew temple in the Sisaket province of Thailand from Heineken and Chang Beer bottles.


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