15 Tips for a Successful Entrepreneur

15 Tips for a Successful Entrepreneur


  1. Stay motivated

    The best way to get motivated is to read success stories. The more you see people succeeding, the more you feel you have higher chances to succeed. Of course, if you read stories about people failing, that’s not going to motivate you! As an entrepreneur, you’ll pass through really hard times but if you are motivated enough they will not affect you at all.

  2. Get inspired but do not copy

    Don’t be ashamed to get inspired from others’ work, keep doing it every minute but do not copy anything, keep your stuff original. Inspiration is a very good way to make you sense better, learn from others’ experience and you will have a clearer vision of what’s already there and where you need to add your innovative substance.

  3. Invest your own money

    There are two very important reasons for you to invest your own cash in your business. At the very early phase, no one may be fascinated by your thoughts unless you have crazy links with investors. You need to deposit a good budget to facilitate your growth; otherwise the big brothers will suck you up. The other very vital reason to invest your money is to make you more devoted. When you put some liquid in your business, that’s going to help you not give up easily. I’d say US$3000 is a good amount to begin with for entrepreneurs on the web, but don’t take my words on that, businesses vary a lot from one to another.

  4. Don’t be greedy

    sign-contractGrant ownership when required. If you feel that someone can be an added value to your company, you ought to give away a portion of what you possess because 100% of nothing is nothing and 1% of a decamillion dollars company is something. So if you believe that by giving away ownership to some experts, they will give the company a superior assessment, just do it!

  5. Find a partner

    handshakeTwo thinking together is equivalent to a hundred times one thinking alone. This has been proven with time! Most millionaires and top founders of companies started their project with a team of 2 or 3. Finding a partner is not easy. Do you think you need someone who thinks just like you? how would that help you add value to the company? You need someone different, clever who argues with you about ideas, they might be seeing things that you are not enlightened to and vice versa.

  6. Think big

    If you are serious about your business you should think at the forefront about things. You should visualize your company successful and agonize about the scalability for example. Some companies, who implemented brilliant ideas, have failed because their architecture was not scalable enough to lever the amount of clients and ended up small businesses forever. It’s always a good time to reorganize your business and make it bullet proof from an early stage.

  7. Failure is not an option

    “Man does not attain all his heart’s desires for the winds do not blow as the vessels wish”. As an entrepreneur, do not anticipate things to occur as you always expect. At some point, your implementation will fail! That should not be the end of your business but just a selection that you need to reconsider. People dissipate so much time on a milestone that fails, most of them give up! but only wise entrepreneurs continue embracing the fact that this failure is not going to take place another time.

  8. Create something you need

    something-you-needA business is more likely to become successful when there is a need for the services it provides. Why would you create something you don’t really need or find useful? Some people want to create just anything to make money. If you are in that category, I advise you to practice a hobby or do anything you love and with time you will experience a need for several services that are not yet implemented and that would be a great inspiration to work on. Bottom line, don’t waste your time trying to find the idea that will make of you a millionaire, the idea will come to you with time. I would love to talk more about this subject so I will write later on a detailed post on how to come up with a great idea to implement if you have the will.

  9. Enjoy failures

    failureAs I said previously, failure is not an option. That doesn’t mean that you’re not going to fail! What i meant was that you should not allow a failure to stop you. I’m personally a very fortunate person as I learned to enjoy failure. Every time I failed, I tried to uncover the cause of it and get around it. You want to become an experienced person in your field? The more you fail, the more experienced you become. Benefit from failures!

  10. Learn from others’ mistakes

    Everyone commits mistakes! All mistakes are avoidable. It’s very imperative to watch other people’s mistakes; do not mock them, but learn from them and try to avoid it. A competitor can fail at some time because there is a mistake in their business plan, they couldn’t prevent it because it wasn’t tested. It’s your opportunity to use their experiment not to commit their mistake.

  11. Listen to others’ advices

    Entrepreneurs tend to think they are smarter than other people. They are definitely smart but not the smartest. What makes of you a smarter person is your experience. There are people more experienced than you are, listen to their advices. Same thing with young people; they think they know everything but after a while they discover that their parents were right. It’s not a coincidence, the parents had more years to acquire experience in life. Never overvalue your level and listen to what more experienced people say.

  12. Do not hack your work, redo it

    While working on your task, you will realize some architectural errors. What most people do is tweaking or tuning! That would lead to another major problem. Never say: “I wish I’ve done it the other way”, just do it all over again the other way. That will save you so much time later on. Many people do not consider modularity when they initiate their projects, but when they reach a certain milestone, they wish they’ve done it modular. Would you start again or keep hacking it? I’d say rebuild it the right way. I’ve personally thrown away thousands of lines of code every few months because I was always learning how to do things better and faster.

  13. Give it the time it needs

    If you expect to start generating revenue in few days, go find a real job! Entrepreneurs who own today big companies have had a very long vision. They didn’t expect to start generating income the next day. They knew that it might take them months or years. Ok! This is not motivating I know. You want to make money very early but, unfortunately, you are not an employee to get paid weekly or monthly. If you are not willing to sacrifice and give it some time, I advise you to get employed. By the way, do not expect to build a competitor project to Google in few weeks.

  14. Don’t give up

    Entrepreneurs can give up very easily for many obvious reasons:
    – They are not supervised
    – They are not making income
    – They are doing tough work
    – They lack management
    – Mistakes are most likely to occur

    Commitment is a must. To be committed you must:
    – Enjoy what you are doing. Millionaires say they have never worked a day in their lives; they were enjoying what they were doing.
    – Consume your own money. As I said earlier, when you spend your money on your project, you will think twice before giving up because you will loose.
    – Do anything to stay motivated.

  15. Commit to perfection

    You are a tiny fish in a huge ocean full of sharks. If your project is not bullet proof, the big companies will easily crash you! You are the only employee in your company. If you believe you cannot handle all the tasks by yourself (management, design, development, architecture, business…), consider finding a partner that can relieve you with that. A company cannot survive if one of its departments is malfunctioning.

101 Design resource sites | Eco Design Blog

101 Design resource sites


In Design News, Design Tutorials, Tech Interviews

We love prowling the web for the latest trends and design inspiration. Here we have composed a list of common resources we use. The primary focus of this list is inspiration, it can come from a photograph, font, or a website. The secondary focus is improving your design skills, which can be done by keeping up to date with tutorials and reading other graphic design blogs. We hope you enjoy our personal list of great sites, and we will be adding to this list in the coming weeks and months as there are a lot of great new sites coming online every other day now.

View our latest community site. Ecoki.com

Free Font Downloads

Free Fonts and Other Resources: Web Page Publicity
Huge Collection of Free Fonts: Da Font
Nice Selection of Free Fonts: Urban Fonts
Fonts and Other Freebies: Simply The Best Fonts
1001 Free Fonts for Download: 1001 Free Fonts
Over 9000 Free Fonts: Creamundo
A Small List of Free Fonts: Best Free Fonts

Paid Font Sites

A Large Selection of Fonts for Purchase: My Fonts
Quality Fonts for Purchase: Veer
Information and Fonts for Purchase: Fonts
Font Resources and Sales: Font Haus

Stock Photos and Vectors

The Best Stock Photo and Vector Website: iStockphoto
Quality Photos for Purchase: Shutterstock
Stock Photos and Other Pay Downloads: Veer
Quality, Affordable Vectors for Purchase: Vector Stock
Stock Photos With a Great Selection: Jupiter Images
Stock Photos and Photography Network: Stock Vault
Quality Stock Photos: Corbis

Free Photos and Vectors

Submit Vectors or Download Others for Free: Open Source Vector Art
Tons of Great Free Vectors and Photos: Deviant Art
59 Pages of Free Vector Art: Free Vectors
Large Gallery of Free Vectors: Vecteezy
Quality Vector Downloads: Vector 4 Free
Neat Collection of Free Photos From Around the World: Free Stock Photos
Great Collection of Free Vectors and Resources: You The Designer
Great Free Stock Photos: Free Foto
A List of Free Downloads: Bittbox
700 Free Stock Photos: Free Picture Click

Website Templates

A Few High Quality WordPress Themes: Evan Eckard
Over 2000 Free Web Templates: OSWD
A Small Selection of Nice Templates: Open Source Templates
A Large List of Free Templates: Free CSS Templates
Nice WordPress Templates for Download: Free CSS Templates
A Combination of Free and Pay Templates: Free Templates Online
Affordable, Quality Templates: Templamatic
Free Blog Templates: Blogging Themes

CSS Galleries

The Best Sites on the Web: CSS Remix
A Frequently Updated Gallery of Sites: CSS Mania
An Organized List of Nice Sites: Most Inspired
CSS Gallery of Quality Sites: CSS Design Yorkshire
A Selection of Only Nature Based Sites: CSS Nature
A Selective List of Well Designed Sites: Web Creme
High Quality CSS Showcase: CSS Tux
Nice CSS Websites: The Designed Tree
A CSS Collection Organized by Category: CSS Elite


A Great Site About Everything Type: I Love Typography
An Incredible Illustrator: Burst of Beaden
A Great Designer and Illustrator: Fully Illustrated
Customizable List of Design Resources: Cork Dump
The Society of Graphic Designers of Canada: GDC
Freelance Advice Blog and Resources: Freelance Switch
Amazing Collection of Logos: Logopond
Stunning Desktop Wallpapers: Desktopography
A Graphic Design Magazine: Computer Arts


The Best Photoshop Tutorials: PSD Tuts
A Talented Photoshop Designer: Abduzeedo
Photoshop Tutorials and Web Design Resources: Web Design Library
Tutorials for Photoshop, Illustrator and More: Tutorial Vault
A Few Neat Illustrator and Photoshop Tutorials: Design Spice
Great Photoshop Tutorials and Downloads: PS Wish
Tutorials for Every Computer Program: Tutorialing

Free Photoshop Downloads

A Couple Free Patterns for Download: Design Spice
Free Photoshop Brushes: Design Fruit
Free Photoshop Actions: Visual Blast
Tons of Free Photoshop Brushes: Brusheezy
A Few Nice Free Photoshop Brushes: Obsidian Dawn
Great Grunge Brushes and Others: Photoshop Brushes
Free Background Patterns for Photoshop: Free BG
Over 150 Free Background Patterns: Squidfingers

Design Blogs

A Frequently Updated Design Blog: Veerle’s Blog
A Design Magazine and Blog: Smashing Magazine
A European Design Blog: Design In Europe
A Unique Nerdy Blog: Design You Trust
The Personal Blog of a Graphic Designer: Larissa Meek
A German Design Blog: David Hellmann
The Blog of a Canadian Geek/Model: Mostly Lisa
A Graphic Design Blog: Bittbox
A Blog About Freelance Graphic Design Advice: Freelance Switch
A Design Blog Full of Resources: You The Designer
A Popular Design Blog: Fazai 38

Colour Palettes

A Flash Site of User Generated Colour Palettes: Adobe Kuler
Using Colours From Photos: Colr
Colours, Palettes and Patterns: COLOURlovers
A Colour Palette Generated From Your Images: Color Palette Generator
See The Results of Your Palette on a Website: Color Spire
Create and Email Colour Palettes: Color Blender

Tips and Tricks

Vector Do’s and Dont’s: iStockphoto
The Web Design Polish: PSD Tuts
Promote Your Design Business: Freelance Switch
How To Increase Web Traffic: You The Designer


Quality Programming: XHTMLized
Professional Web Slicing: PSD Slicing
XHTML in 24 Hours: We Use Scissors
Affordable, Quality Coding: PSD2HTML
From Design to Code, Quick and Cheap: Front Enders

Designer Geek Merch

Great Nerdy Clothing and Accessories: Veer
Nice T-Shirt Collection: Design Loot
Graphic Design T-Shirts and Accessories: Cafepress
Geek Merchandise For Everyone: Think Geek
Graphic Design T-Shirts: Zazzle
Unique T-Shirt Designs You Can’t Find Anywhere Else: Allmightys

Newly added resources (Thanks everyone for the link suggestions)

A fantastic resource for finding information on corporate brand identity: Brands of the World

keeping hope alive

Great News Network

keeping hope alive

what’s the great news network?
The great news network is a news site that reports only positive news stories. News is submitted by its members and voted on by its members. If a news story receives enough votes, it automatically gets promoted to the front page. 

Websites That Offer Easy Money for Teens

Websites That Offer Easy Money for Teens

Teenagers today typically have an assortment of skills that are useful and valuable on the Internet. For teens who are skilled writers, earning money will be that much simpler. Additionally, there are also well paying jobs available for teenagers who know how to write web pages, write high-volume blogs or forum posts, or program in different Internet or desktop programming languages. However, finding those opportunities often involves wading through a mountain of garbage and scams. This article will provide teens with a guideline for the best opportunities on the web that offer easy money for teens.

1. Easy Income for Teens Who Can Write Articles

For any teen that has excellent writing skills, the Internet offers an abundance of cash just sitting there for the taking. Yes, it may take a full eight hours a day of good solid writing work – but what could be better than rolling out of bed at ten in the morning and going to work at home, in your pajamas? Sound too good to be true? Well put on your pajamas and check out these opportunities.

Associated Content

Associated Content is one of the most popular “user-generated content” sites that offers articles on just about every topic under the sun. 

At Associated Content, you can either “claim” topics from the assignment desk, or you can submit topics of your choosing. You can earn both upfront payments, as well as monthly payments based on traffic to your articles. Starting out, you might only earn $3 to $4 per article you write, plus $1 to $2 for traffic – but if you wrote 5 articles a day, that’s $400 a month, plus additional monthly royalty payments.

Not only does writing for a site like AC establish you as a writer, but if your writing is exceptional, AC will even consider you as a preferred content producer, and their clients may ofter you writing gigs that pay $20 and up for an article.


Helium is another user-generated content forum that pays you both upfront fees as well as traffic royalties.

Helium is unfortunately a bit cheaper with their payments, and they’ve established a bunch of loopholes you need to jump through. You can earn about $1 per article plus traffic payments. However, to earn those payments you have to spend time “rating” articles – a painful and tedious process of comparing two articles and picking the one that’s better. But with Helium, the real money is in the “marketplace” section, where you can compete on client writing gigs worth anywhere from $5 to $100 or more.


Triond is another content site that accepts your articles and pays you royalties for traffic.

Triond is one of the few sites known for actually sending authors the payouts they’ve earned, so it deserves mention here. However, if you want to use Triond to add an income stream to your summer writing, you’ll need to submit a very large quantity of articles that are well written with SEO in mind, and can attract a very large stream of readers from the search engines. If you can accomplish that, then yes – you can earn money from Triond.

2. Make Money Writing Reviews or Writing Letters

One of the most popular reasons many people use the Internet is to research products before buying them. This has turned “reviews” into one of the most popular types of content online. If you like writing up product reviews, then there are countless opportunities to earn income from your written opinions.

I’ve written for Shared Reviews (the image above) before, because they do legitimately pay their authors. However, I’ve also heard that Epinions is another great review site to earn money from.

Have your friends ever told you that you’re amazing at writing letters? Then consider spending your summer creating custom letters at Letter Rep. Yes, the website isn’t exactly the prettiest site in the world – but by submitting letters to custom letter requests that visitors submit to the site, you stand to earn $10 per letter. Not only that, future visitors to the site can also purchase your letters, making your pile of work a wonderful source of residual income, not only throughout the summer, but even throughout the school year.

3. Quick Money for Teen Programmers

If you are an ace programmer with any programming language, you could spend your summer doing programming freelance jobs for some real cash. However, when it comes to finding freelance work, you have to be very careful what websites you visit – as most of them are useless or flat out scams.

Scriptlance is about as far from a scam as you can get. At the beginning of my online writing career, I spent months sifting through the latest project postings there (there are dozens per hour), and bidding on the ones that matched my skill set. There’s writing work, but the bulk of Scriptlance is programming work. If you post a professionally written proposal to the person who posted the project, your chance of landing the gig will be excellent. Just working on scriptlance projects alone, you could easily earn several thousand dollars by the end of the summer.

Other legitimate freelancing sites (although none quite as big as Scriptlance), include Rent A Ghost Writer, Elance, and iFreelance. Be sure to watch for new updates often, and be the first to post a bid.

Work Hard, Be Persistent, and Rake in the Dough!

The key for teens to successfully earn a small fortune during summer break through online work is by staying persistent, even when it looks like you’ll never land that first gig. Keep posting your daily articles to the royalty paying websites, and bid on freelance projects constantly. Soon, you’ll find that you have more work than you know what to do with. If you can discipline yourself to work for at least eight hours straight for every weekday during the summer – you’ll save far more money than any of your friends could earn waiting tables or mowing lawns!

Have you ever earned money from any of the sites listed in this article? Are there any good opportunities missing? Share your opinion in the comments section below.W

(By) Ryan Dube is a web content enthusiast, with expertise in Search Engine Optimization in combination with good writing practices. Ryan blogs about the present and future of online content at BetterContent.blogspot.com.

Rate your freeware — and payware [2]

Rate your freeware — and payware [2]: “


We’ve just started up a neat little side project called MacFaves, where you can submit and vote on your fave Mac apps. It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a long time, but couldn’t figure out a good way to do it until we came across a cool new service called Slinkset.

Once you login to MacFaves, you can submit an app you feel deserves to be on the list along with some comments. Currently, there are two categories to choose from — freeware and payware. We figured this would appeal to thriftmac readers in their quest for free stuff.

You can also go through the list and vote an app up or down as you see fit. We’ve already salted the list with half a dozen apps sitting in the dock here at thriftmac HQ — just to get things rolling.

To top things off, there’s a widget running in the sidebar at right so you can tell at a glance what’s going on at MacFaves.

It’s all meant to be in good fun, but with any luck you may find yourself discovering some cool new programs. Be sure to let us know what you think of the site, either in the comments below or by email. Should there be more categories? Should we focus only on freeware? Is it too much like iusethis?

Speaking of side projects, don’t forget macgameshuffle — it’s a great way to explore dozens of absolutely free Mac games.

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