iPhone : 10 Utilitaires Pratiques (gratuit)

iPhone : 10 Utilitaires Pratiques (gratuit): “On parle souvent des jeux sur iPhone et iPod Touch mais très peu des utilitaires souvent gratuits qui parfois facilitent grandement la vie. Aujourd’hui je vous en propose quelques-uns : il y a entre autres des applications de localisation, un convertisseur d’unités de mesure, des dictionnaires, un gestionnaire de fichiers, etc. Je vous laisse découvrir cette première liste de 10 titres à vous de”

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iPhone apps round-up: Stay in touch | Software | iPhone Central | Macworld

iPhone apps round-up: Stay in touch | Software | iPhone Central | Macworld: “iPhone apps round-up: Stay in touch
Also released: Next Read 2.0, College Radio Tuner, Talking Pics micro, others
by Philip Michaels, Macworld.com

Category | iPhone » Software
Two apps just arrived on the App Store take two different approaches to staying in touch in our increasingly connected world.”

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App Store DRM cracked, but what’s the point?

App Store DRM cracked, but what’s the point?: “

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Sunday, warez site Funky Space Monkey announced the release of Crackulous 0.9, a GUI front end to xCrack. Crackulous, as the name suggests, removes the DRM from App Store software, allowing users to distribute pirated programs outside of App Store channels without the developers or Apple getting paid. Crackulous was developed at Hackulo.us, a donation-supported forum dedicated to, well, stealing software. There’s really no way to put a good spin on it.

Crackulous is the brainchild of iPhone pirate Salad Fork, who notoriously called an early leak of his software ‘absolutely disgusting and downright insulting.’ Back in November, Mr. Fork became outraged when his pirating software was pirated and released without his consent or control. Today, he must be experiencing another wave of stress: the otherwise free Crackulous software has already been repirated and is being sold for ten bucks a pop in a new wave of poetic justice.

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Macworld 2009: Pinger Phone

Macworld 2009: Pinger Phone: “

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I had a quick chat with the folks from Pinger Phone while we were at Macworld 2009. I hadn’t heard of it previously, and it turned out to be exactly what I needed to bring together my various forms of communication. It’s an iPhone/iPod touch app that provides a contact list combining email, phone, SMS and IM info for all of your contacts. One of the neatest features of the app is its ability to handle text-to-IM chats, which I find useful because I have terrible AT&T coverage around my house; it lets me carry on a text-message conversation using just my wi-fi connection.

Pinger Phone lets you stay online with various IM services, and can notify you of incoming messages as long as the app is open. It also supports (requires, actually) horizontal keyboard mode in text and IM chats, and interfaces well with the phone and email capabilities of the iPhone. The ‘Contacts’ view allows for as-you-type searching of your consolidated contact list (very speedy). iPod touch users can enter any mobile phone number to be notified of incoming messages from a text-to-IM chat.

Read on to see the video from Macworld, and check the support page for more info. If it sounds like something you’ve been looking for, you can grab it for FREE in the App Store.

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5 Things to do with your new iPod touch

5 Things to do with your new iPod touch

Get a new iPod touch over the Holidays? You’re not alone. Now that
you’ve worn out the built-in apps and run through your playlists its
time to put the thing to real use.

I’ve put together a list of 5 unexpected applications for your pocket sized
friend. We’ll extend your music-playing, web-browsing companion into a
powerful tool for capturing ideas, discovering music, presenting and