“Can’t We Talk?” (condensed from: You Just Don’t Understand)

Deborah Tannen: Men and Women


As a specialist in linguistics, I have studied how the
conversational styles of men and women differ. We cannot lump all men
or all women into fixed categories. But the seemingly senseless
misunderstandings that haunt our relationships can in part be explained
by the different conversational rules by which men and women play.

I write or speak about this subject, people tell me they are relieved
to learn that what has caused them trouble – and what they had
previously ascribed to personal failings – is, in fact, very common.

about the different though equally valid conversational frequencies men
and women are tuned to can help banish the blame and help us truly talk
to one another. Here are some of the most common areas of conflict:


How to detect lies – body language, reactions, speech patterns

How to detect lies – body language, reactions, speech patterns

Become a Lie Detector

how to see a fake smile

Introduction to Detecting Lies:

The following techniques to telling if someone is lying are often
used by police, and security experts. This knowledge is also useful
for managers, employers, and for anyone to use in everyday situations
where telling the truth from a lie can help prevent you from being a
victim of fraud/scams and other deceptions.

Warning: Sometimes Ignorance is bliss; after gaining this knowledge,
you may be hurt when it is obvious that someone is lying to you.