Search Specific Mac Sites with Google

Search Specific Mac Sites with Google: “

Besides helping Internet users to search for useful information online, Google also provides search for specific Mac sites to assist Mac users in gathering more Mac related information.

As far as I know, there are two ways to perform search on specific Mac sites.

Adding Prefix to Search Keyword

By prefixing ‘Mac’ to your keyword search, there is a high chance to get returned results related to Mac. For example, to search for useful Mac keyboard shortcuts, you can use this search keyword: ‘Mac Keyboard Shortcut’.

Searching with Google for Mac

To narrow down your scope on Mac specific sites, you can always use Google for Mac. Inside this page, you will see the search button labeled as ‘Search Mac Sites’ instead of usual ‘Google Search’.

However, I believe some of us may want to incorporate this Mac specific search with Safari search box. The rest of this article will explain this.

Incorporating with Safari Search Box

It’s quite tedious to incorporate this Mac specific Google search to your Safari web browser, as you will need to install additional Safari plug-in called Inquisitor.

Here are the steps required.

  1. Download and install Safari Plug-in: Inquisitor
  2. Open Safari Preferences Pane (Menu Bar: Safari > Preferences)
  3. Go to Inquisitor Preferences Pane (More Toolbox: Search)
  4. Add additional search engines by clicking on Edit Sites button (as shown in screenshot: the highlighted button)
  5. Inquisitor Preferences

  6. Insert following information to provide Google Specific Mac Search

    1. Site Name: Google for Mac
    2. URL:
    3. Shortcut: Shift-Return
  7. Finally, after inserting search keyword and pressing shift-return, you will be redirected to results page of Mac specific site

Perhaps, you’ve another way to search for specific Mac sites, comment box is always there to let you throw your ideas inside.

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